We are skilled in assisting individuals and companies applying to immigrate to Ghana with all the undermentioned services.


Our Consultancy services are tailored to suit our client’s needs. Our services include;




This is a visa issued to a person who seeks to enter Ghana from a country where there is no Ghana’s diplomatic mission or consulate Or The applicant has to travel to Ghana for an emergency or business purposes in a short notice. This visa is normally issued for a period of 30 Days.

Visa Extensions

This is issued to persons who entered Ghana and have exhausted their stay but wish to extend it. Visitors are granted 30 or 60 days upon arrival in the country. After the granted days are exhausted, he or she can apply for an extension up to a maximum of 90 days. NB. This visa extension only permit visitors extra stay in the country. It is not a travelling visa.

Re-entry Visa (Permit)

This is issued to foreign nationals who are lawfully in Ghana but are not holders of residence Permit and seeks to leave Ghana temporarily. He/she can apply to the GIS for a Re-entry Visa that permits him/her to Re-enter the Country.
There are 2 types of Re-entry Visa/Permit.
1. The single Re-entry Permit which is valid for 3 months and 2. The Multiple Re-entry Permit which is valid for 6 months.



Is an authorization granted to a foreign employer or employee to engage in lawful and gainful employment in Ghana.
Foreign nationals or expatriates cannot take up work, employment, or business in Ghana unless they have been issued with a Work Permit by the Ghana immigration. Work Permits may be issued for different purposes. For example,
The Rotator permit (6 – 12 months) is for immediate and short-term engagements in the oil and gas industry.
Dependent permit is issued to the spouse and children of an expat working in Ghana Study permits for students studying in Ghana.


A Resident Permit authorizes a foreign national to live in Ghana for a specified period of time usually six months or one year. It may be issued to a foreign national who intends to remain in Ghana for a substantial period. Please note that obtaining a work permit is not a permission to take up residency. The applicant has to be granted a resident permit by the director of immigration to remain and work in Ghana. Both work and resident permit are renewed annually.


Permanent Residence is the authority granted to a foreign national to remain in Ghana for an indefinite period. It allows a person to enter and leave Ghana without limitation and WORK LEGALLY in the country without work permit. Please note that an individual with a permanent visa is subjected to the Ghanaian Law System.

business registraion

The first step in starting a business in Ghana is to legally register the business entity at the Registrar General’s Department (RGD). The various types of business entities that can be registered under the laws of Ghana are;
• Limited liability Company
• Sole Proprietorship
• Partnership
• Subsidiary Company
• External Company
We assist in completing application form and other necessary documents for onward submission to RGD.

accommodation / office space

We are able to assist in the search of suitable accommodation or office space based on our client’s preference within the heart of Accra. In collaboration with our wide range of agent database we able to meet our client expectation within the shortest possible time and help you settle in.

Concierge Service

Our Concierge is designed to assist you to settle in Ghana without stuggle. Whatever your needs may be, we do everything possible to meet and exceed your expectations. We facilitate your request from:

  • Pre-Arrival Support
  • Airport Pick-ups
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Accommodation
  • Housekeeping
  • Vehicle rental
  • Driver’s license
  • Non Citizen Card
  • TIN
  • School search
  • Shopping etc.

All with a personal touch. We fulfill every request using our unique expertise and inside knowledge to make our clients feel at home. Trust us to Assist you settle comfortably in Ghana.

Courier service

This service is designed to suit all your courier needs for all types of businesses and corporations. We deliver packages of all shapes and sizes from the smallest items such as gift coupons, foodstuffs, personal effects and large items as well. Our licensed and professional drivers make shipping supper easy by picking up packages from your place of business with a guaranteed Same-Day-on-Demand services OR Next Day Delivery Service. Our services are categorized into:

  • Package Pickups
  • Door to Door Delivery
  • Corporate Errands
  • Personal Errands
  • Food and Cake Delivery
  • Intercity Deliveries.

We are just a call away. Kindly call or whatsapp us on 0209109554 for all your delivery fulfillment.


In the process of providing express and standard solutions that aims at making immigrating to Ghana as seamless and stress free as possible, we assist all our prominent clients in the following;


  • We assess the eligibility requirements to determine the extent to which a client may meet the requirements for the grant of a particular permit or visa.
  • We assist in providing all information and document(s) necessary for the application.
  • We advise on relevant supporting documentation applicable to the permit, visa or business registration
  • We complete relevant application forms.
  • We draft and review supporting letters in support of the application;
  • We engage with the appropriate authority to ensure that application is processed within time.


We are adept in a wide range of immigration procedures and provide swift delivery, reliable and standard services for;

  • Emergency Entry Visa (VOA) and Extension
  • Work and Resident Permit
  • Rotator Permit
  • GIPC  and Free Zone Permit

We provide swift delivery, reliable and standard services for these Business Support Services;

• Business Registration
• Accommodation / Office Space
• Non-Citizen ID Card
• Tax Identification Number (TIN)

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